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Neoventa Academy

Neoventa Academy offers customized training and implementation based on your individual needs.

An understanding of fetal physiology is crucial for optimal fetal monitoring to increase knowledge and skills in this area, including the use of CTG and ST Analysis.

Neoventa Academy offers midwifes and doctors both practical and theoretical education based on authentic cases as well as the possibility of certification.

Our training material is designed to help obstetric staff recognize and interpret the fetus’ physiological reactions in the event of oxygen deficiency.

Neoventa Academy offers:

  • CTG Masterclass  (Live and Online)
  • Advanced CTG Masterclass (Online)
  • Physiological CTG and Fetal ECG Masterclass (Live)
  • Online Patient Case Reviews

Understanding the fetal physiology

CTG Masterclass is aimed at understanding fetal physiology and to understand the pathophysiology behind the CTG trace and to determine fetal response to hypoxic and mechanical stresses that occur during labor.

The overall aim is to differentiate between fetal compensation and decompensation to ensure timely and appropriate action.